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Andy McPhee is an Australian Actor with an extensive career both local and international. Known for Iconic Australian films and series such as Wolf Creek (2005), Animal Kingdom (2010), Pizza (2005), Wilfred (2010), Dr Blake Mysteries (2015), and Gallipoli (2015). Andy has also starred internationally in major release features such as Disney’s – Saving Mr Banks (2013), See Saw’s Slow West (2015) and Criminal Minds (2011). Andy Mcphee is best known internationally for his portayal of Irish biker Keith McGee in FX Sons of Anarchy (2010).

Next to be seen recurring as Turk, in critically acclaimed series WentWorth (2018) a contemporary revival of thee Australian Prison drama of the same name. Mcphee was also most recently starring in the Wolf Creek Miniseries (2016) starring Lucy Fry and John Jarratt. McPhee headlined four independent films including Living Space (2018) with director Steven Spiel, and the also the american production of What Goes Around Comes Around (2018) Directed by Tyson Jarvis and Mike Smallwood. 

Latest & Greatest

Andy McPhee is globally renown, look below to catch up on Andy’s current and up and coming project.


Voice Over Artist

Andy Mcphee is a Voice over Artist Working on Global Projects such as:  

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Film Gallery

Andy McPhee is globally renown, look below to catch up on Andy’s Films, Press & Media Materials.

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Acting Coaching

Andy McPhee has also been a coach to many young actors, on their road to stardom such as;

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Villains & Outlaws

Andy has played some of the most fearsome criminals and villains. From ‘McGee’ on Sons Of Anarchy (2011), ‘The German’ on Condemned (2007), ‘Bazza’ on Wolf Creek (2005) and more.  

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Father Figures

Andy has played Military Men and Fathers, Doctors and Office types. From ‘Lt Col. John Antill’ on Gallipoli (2015), ‘Kevin Van Der Hayden’ on Dr Blakes Murder Mysteries (2015) and ‘Jarvis’ on Bad Karma (2012)  and many more.

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Comedic Characters

Andy has appeared in multiple raw style comedies as tough guys to a man in a dog suit. From ‘Biker Bob’ in Dumb Criminals (2015), ‘Darel Dinkum’ in Pizza (2005-07) and most notably ‘Kosiosko’ in Wilfred (2010) and more.

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Different Mediums



What People Say

Andy has been featured across all forms of media and news, and has been reviewed in his performances, here are some of those comments.

“He was just a natural actor who could inhabit the role… [McPhee] had a great theatricality and was a total showman…” 

Angela Heesom

Heesom Casting

I have had the pleasure of being on set with Andy. What a great actor very authentic, He always keeps it real, truly great at his craft. He is one of Australia’s Best export actors.”

Shaun Robinson

Writer, Host Director

“Andy McPhee churns out a fantastic performance as the diabolical German spectre whose penchant for gouging out eyeballs and disembowelling  women has the potential to become a franchised boogey man.”

Glenn Cochrane


“Known for portaying tough, hard hitting and uncompromising characters, Andy McPhee was the obvious choice for the sour ex-convict who rode with Ben Hall’s Gang for a short period. McPhee is also a well-respected internation acting coachand is the father of actor Kodi-Smit McPhee (X-Men: Apocalypse).”

Brittany Robertson

Alliance Agency