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About Andy

Throughout his extensive career, he has played a wide range of characters, including an ape in the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, which he considers an amazing challenge. In addition to his acting work, Andy is also an experienced voiceover artist, having lent his voice to numerous internet videos, games, and animations. He has also provided voice dubbing for movies, showcasing his versatility and range in the voiceover realm.

As a dedicated teaching coach and mentor, Andy has experience coaching and mentoring actors with special needs, as well as actors from diverse backgrounds, including those from Africa, Kazakhstan, America, and Australia. His expertise lies in helping actors build complex characters for film, TV, and auditions. Andy’s approach to coaching and mentoring emphasizes the importance of balancing life areas around acting to achieve overall well-being. He is passionate about guiding actors to reach their full potential, both on and off screen.

With his wealth of experience and expertise in acting, voiceover work, and coaching, Andy McPhee is an invaluable resource for actors seeking guidance, support, and mentorship in the entertainment industry.I offer a range of services as an actor, acting coach, and mentor, including specialized mentoring and coaching for students with disabilities.

With years of professional experience in film, television, and theatre, I provide personalized coaching to enhance skills such as character development, scene study, and improvisation.

My mentoring includes career advice, audition preparation, and networking strategies, helping actors navigate the complexities of the industry. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced actor, I’m dedicated to fostering your growth and success in your acting career.

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What my students say

Andy has had such a profound impact on me as an actor. Through his coaching, I have gained confidence, knowledge, and a range of skills. Andy is extremely kind and considerate – whilst pushing you to grow and step out of you comfort zone. I am so grateful for my experiences working with Andy, and would highly recommend his classes to anyone who wants to fulfil their potential, he will get you there!

Gabriella Lidgerwood

Since starting with Andy’s coaching I have developed in every area of my life . I have now created with 2 acting colleagues my first production company and looking to get major funding to film for the first feature film. I do the homework required and don’t cut corners when it comes to preparation and I live a powerful life.


I gained so much from Andy’s class. Andy’s no-nonsense approach, paired with his vast experience in the industry allowed me to grow both as an actor and a person. Andy taught me how to focus on building an engaging character with depth. As we focused on building characters and the world of the script, it removed the fear I had about learning lines which had previously held me back. His wealth of real industry experience enabled him to offer guidance in all areas. His can-do approach made pursuing acting feel doable and instilled a new sense of self-belief. I cannot recommend him enough.

Stephanie Grapsas

Andy McPhee is one of the best coaches I have ever met. During his workshop, I discovered so much potential within myself—not just in acting, but also in life in general. He is the type of mentor who sees what’s behind the scenes and knows exactly how to push you in the right direction. He is not just a coach who knows how to guide and motivate you, but also a genuine friend and source of inspiration. I highly recommend his class to anyone who has the opportunity. I guarantee you will take away more than you expected.


Andy’s a wonderful coach. He focuses not only on what I can improve as an actor, but also makes sure to emphasize what casting directors and directors look for. Every session we do is treated like it’s an actual audition so it feels like I’m always prepared for my next one. His emphasis on creating your character and keeping it separate from yourself while bringing an authentic performance is something I value in his teaching.

Neal Cabanos

Earlier this year I enrolled myself into a 6 week bootcamp, thru TAFTA, where Andy was my coach. Before this course, while I had some experience in acting classes, I was not exposed to the challenges and effort needed into bringing a character alive. Andy taught me from the basics on how to bring not only realism but bring a sense of purpose to the charters I portrayed in class. Th best part about this, was he made the process for me very easy, and taught me ways to break down character, and look at their traits.

Aditeya Sonigra